Plans are for operators to be W5MJ, VA7DX, VE7KW, and W5RF

Neil King - VA7DX

First licensed in 1979 as VE7CVM, Neil attained his advanced certification in 1980 and acquired the call VA7DX in late 1999.  An avid HF, VHF and UHF contester, preferring DX to sleep and CW to SSB, Neil has also dabbled in meteor scatter, EME, tropo and satellite operation from VE7 as well as DX locations such as 7P8 and 3DAØ. Relatively new to DXpeditions, Neil has had the opportunity to visit and operate from the following locations: 

    • Swaziland - 3DAØWC, 3DA0ET (Nov 2013)
    • Lesotho - 7P8NK, 7P8D
    • Republic of South Africa – ZS6/VA7DX 
    • Geneva, Switzerland - 4U1ITU 
    • Lakshadweep Islands (Agatti), India - VU7RG, VU3NIJ 
    • Clipperton Island - TX5C
    • Desecheo Island – K5D
    • Mongolia – JT1RF
    • Malpelo Island – HK0NA
    • Mozambique – C82DX, C92DX
    • Botswana – A25DX
    • Amsterdam Island – FT5ZM
    • Malawi – 7QAA, 7QDX
    • Tonga - A35T

    • Also as a guest operator at: VE7UF contest station, SV1IS, VK4NAZ, A62A


Neil is a member of Radio Amateurs of Canada (Assistant Section Manager BC), ARRL, ARES, Coquitlam Amateur Radio and Emergency Services Society (CARESS), Cross Border Communications Group (CBCG) and the Northern California DX Foundation.

In addition to Amateur Radio, hobbies also include skiing, SCUBA diving, sailing, travel, bike riding, photography and video (both above ground and underwater). 

Born and raised in Western Canada, Neil has worked in the Information Technology sector for over 40 years, the last 13 as an IT consultant specializing in interim management, leadership skills and coaching, strategic planning and outsourcing. 


Since the beginning of 2010 Neil has worked primarily overseas in Singapore, Beijing, Mongolia, South Africa and Congo (DRC) with the occasional side trip to London, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

Robert Feldtman - W5RF

Licensed in high school in 1962 as WA5CLA,  Bob built his 304TL AM amplifier and enjoyed the early days of AM.. Now, after medical school and heart surgery training with Dr DeBakey in Houston, and retired from the USAF Reserve as a Colonel, Dr. Feldtman continues to practice cardiovascular surgery in Dallas and chase DX on CW and SSB. Bob attained Extra class, a W5RF vanity call and DXCC in 1981 now at 295 countries confirmed and counting.

Enjoying the Tonga experience (A35T) and a Turks and Caicos week (VP5/W5RF), Bob will serve as team doctor and primitive webmaster. He also enjoys flying with 2700 hrs flight time and ratings for SEL, MEL and instrument flying. Other hobbies include hunting and fishing as well. His  travel has included medical missions work in Kenya, Thailand, Mexico. A fly fishing rod may be in order for this trip.

Bob is a >50 year member of the ARRL and Central Texas DX Contest Club. He is also enjoying using remote radio operation of his equipment.

Madison Jones - W5MJ - Team leader

My first adventure with amateur radio started with the construction of a Heathkit AR-1 receiver in 1954. It did not pass the Smoke Test but it did get me into the hobby. Since I live in an antenna-restricted area, I am forced to go places, doing mostly CW in a variety of locations.  Here is what I remember of the places outside the US:

⋅ Mexico XE5KB, XA5T, 6D2YFM

⋅ Falkland Islands VP9WMJ, VP8WWW

⋅ Malta 9H3V

⋅ Mozambique C91TX, C91MJ

⋅ India VU3JMB

⋅ Lackshadweep Islands VU7RG

⋅ Micronesia [Kosrae, Pohnpei] V63MJ

⋅ Palau T88TV

⋅ Lesotho 7P8MJ

⋅ Nicaragua YN2MJ

   Tonga A35T. 

   Recently returned from XZ1A - Bhutan

Keith Witney - VE7KW

First licensed in 1964 as VE4EI, Keith holds VE7MID and VE7KW and has operated as RA/VE7MID, VE7MID/VE2, A25KW (CW and SSB), 7P8KW (7P8D CW & RTTY), 3DA0ET(CW), PJ2/VE7KW (SSB), TX7G(CW), 7QAA (CW), A35T (CW). The 7P8D and 3DA0ET multi-two CQ WW CW efforts resulted in new zone 38 records each year. 

Keith has a modest home station, but has had the privilege of being allowed to participate at several contest stations. Keith is a multi-mode op, but prefers CW. A retired electrical engineer, Keith likes designing HF antenna systems and messing with technology in general. He also enjoys whitewater kayaking, and has used kayaking as well as amateur radio to justify his foreign travel.

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