Vendor support And Donor Support below.

The Australs 2016 team thanks the following supporters of our effort who have donated equipment or monetary equivalents in support of our Dxpeditions.

1. Expert Linears -  Bob W5UQ is providing our first support.

2RadioSports headsets.

3. HRO - Plano - Powerwerx Power supplies

4. DXEngineering - Coaxial cable

5. Palomar Engineers - Toroids and RFI surpression

6, Elecraft - K3s and board upgrades…

7. Gigaparts - plugs and adapters

8. Leo Shoemaker K4KIO Hexbeam(s)!

9. Dave Bottom - WI6R - RS headsets. Comfort for those long operating sessions!

9.Texas DX Society click for link..

 10. Array Solutions - 160 - Lo bands - Receive antennas.

11. Spider poles -

12. Vibrocubes

Donors - and how to help

Thank you for all who have contributed a bit to help with the expenses involved. Offer still stands to provide a Australs 2017 T shirt to those who send in greater than 50 dollars.

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